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MU London Region AGM 2013 – Motion Re Social Media Links

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Submitted to MU London Regional AGM 30th September 2013
(This motion was passed unanimously save for one abstention and subsequently accepted by the EC)

Motion Asking EC To Address MU’s Current Digital Campaigning Weakness Re Social Media Links

In order to increase the effectiveness of the MU’s ongoing digital campaigns, the London Region asks the EC to ensure that all our online and digital articles contain appropriate and properly working links for Twitter, Facebook, email and other social-media as may be, and/or become, appropriate.

Currently, this provision is patchy and not properly formulated, especially with regard to Twitter links (both in the email newsletters and articles on the website). This acts as a barrier to people spreading the word as easily and widely as possible in order to garner campaign support. This therefore diminishes the strength and effectiveness of MU campaigns (especially those asking members and allies to sign petitions in support of key campaigns).

We ask the EC to address this situation with some urgency.


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