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MU Equality Committee 2013 Motion Re Equality History Months

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MU Equality Committee Equality History Month Motion

This recommendation was accepted (cu) by the EC at their September 2013 meeting

The Musicians Union has long stood shoulder to shoulder with other unions, groups and individuals campaigning on Equality issues. Sadly, much of the endeavours, sacrifices, gains and achievements made on behalf of this ongoing campaign can pass by largely unnoticed, despite the enormity of their impact on our day to day lives.

In order to highlight the importance of Equalities work and to demonstrate the MU’s ongoing and active support for that work, this committee asks the EC to instigate a policy to take a positive and active role in highlighting and celebrating all the Equalities History Months, both in internal and external communications. This would take the form of periodic, music-related articles throughout the year in Musician magazine, on the website and through social media etc.

This initiative would raise awareness amongst existing membership and the public at large and thereby also serve as a potential recruitment tool for new members. During a period of severe austerity cuts, hardship and heightened discrimination for many, this would demonstrate that the MU is taking a proactive role in promoting and protecting the interests of all its membership equally.


Author: staircase2

The fight for equality is always marked by the shining of light onto the darkness of ignorance and fear

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