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Originally submitted to MU London Region for consideration as a motion for the 2015 MU Delegates Conference (declined)

We have much to be proud of at the MU. Throughout our history, our members have often been at the vanguard of public opinion and the fight the good fight fight. As well as being leading lights in the creative arts, we have literally shaped the social and political culture of the whole world.

Time and time again we have been at the forefront of positive social change; from banging the drum in the fight against Apartheid to the struggle for LGBT rights, from the fight to end the stigma of HIV/AIDS to the push for equal rights for women, from the ongoing fight against racism to increasing visibility of the disabled, our members have done it all and led the march towards a positive new future.

For a relatively small Union we have historically punched well above our weight. Let’s find a way to share that better with the outside world; let’s bang the drum louder and share our positive stories more loudly and more proudly.

We never shy away from dealing with the media when standing up for members’ rights, let’s also tell them about all the other positive work we do. Let’s reach out and inspire a whole new generation of musicians to join us. In doing so, let’s also inspire our existing members to stand up and be counted.

Conference calls on the EC to ensure the MU interacts more proactively with the mainstream media about its ongoing activities and has the necessary resources to do so.


Author: staircase2

The fight for equality is always marked by the shining of light onto the darkness of ignorance and fear

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