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Originally submitted to MU London Region for consideration as a motion for the 2015 MU Delegates Conference (declined)

The MU has already adopted the TUC’s recommended Union Equality Objects into our rules (MU Rule I.2h(i, ii) & 2i). These rules include the requirement for the promotion of Equality through Union organisation and structures, education and training etc.

It would therefore seem pertinent that we encourage everyone carrying out MU business to avail themselves of basic Equalities training so we are all able to carry out our duties in pursuit of those requirements.

Equally it seems sensible that everyone involved in the Union is given up to date information as to the legal requirements concerning Equality Law and ongoing recommendations of Equalities best practice as delivered from time to time by the TUC. Not least because of the need to represent all members equally, educate the wider membership on matters of Equality, and negotiate on members’ working conditions with Employers who should themselves be following Equality Law and workplace best practice.

Conference requests that the EC looks into accessing basic Equalities training for everyone involved in carrying out MU business (with a view to encouraging them to avail themselves of that training). This might take the form of existing provision (much of which is free to affiliated Union members) by the TUC, GFTU etc which is often modular and follows a blended approach of online and class-based provision and can be tailored to different Unions’ requirements.


Author: staircase2

The fight for equality is always marked by the shining of light onto the darkness of ignorance and fear

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