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Oppression fucks people up

Oppression fucks people up​.

There are three ways to tackle oppression, three ways we can play a part in ending it and resolving it:
1. We can become conscious of own oppression, and by recognising it, we empower ourselves to make change in the way we otherwise allow ourselves to oppress and hurt others with our own oppression 

2. We can help others to become conscious of their own oppression by naming it when it happens, by refusing to act as a scapegoat for others’ ill behaviour which emanates from their pain and by offering a helping hand when they are ready and willing to seek ways to curtail its negative outcomes and heal themselves; ready to block the well from pouring forth its toxic waves.

3. We can work to bring about positive social change in order to ensure we do not create future oppressed people in the first place. We do this by working together to ensure Equality for all, to counter and challenge misinformation and prejudice wherever it rears its ugly heads, and provide the necessary resources to help those who have been oppressed to heal.