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#AngelaEagle Addressees An Unhappy Crowd At 2013 #TUCLGBT Conference – Angela Eagle Is A Farce 

In 2013 I was a Delegate for the Musicians Union (MU) at the TUC LGBT Conference. Angela Eagle addressed us. An angry conference demanded to know why Labour MPs were not challenging Tory Lies and disinformation: ‘you have to trust us’, she said, ‘we can’t fall into Tory traps’.

Labour MPs then went on to support Tory Welfare Cuts and adopted #UKIP/Tory anti immigration messages in a desperate (badly advised) attempt at harnessing the UKIP vote. They sang along with the Tories ‘skivers versus strivers’ rhetoric and underlined the Austerity narrative.

Despite the fact the Tories LIED in saying ‘Labour were responsible for the 2008 Crash’, some Labour MPs APOLOGISED for it – others went to the Press to say ‘we got it wrong on immigration’ when we didn’t.
They then lost the 2015 GE and promptly claimed it was because they were ‘too Left wing’ and blamed a woefully hindered Miliband for doing what they told him to do.

The Parliamentary Labour Party is deluded; so busy running around like headless chickens repeating ‘we must win at all costs’ that they actually forget what they’re winning for…and what those costs might be…

Becoming an outsourced wing of the Tory Party is not a price worth paying.

Democracy is not ‘about winning’ – it’s about REPRESENTING the Country – it’s about standing up for what’s RIGHT – not THE Right – it’s about standing up FOR Rights – not the FAR Right. Democracy is about ENCOURAGING Activists, not spending all your Party’s resources on SQUASHING them.

Angela Eagle is a farce


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PLP Jeremy Corbyn Coup Fiasco

I am writing to you to express, in the strongest possible terms, my utter disgust at the recent PLP attacks on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn following the Referendum.

That the Parliamentary Labour Party would be using recent events to launch a long planned and undemocratic coup against our democratically elected Leader is dispicable.

I am a member of the Musicians Union and an affiliate member of Labour. I, along with many, many others voted for Jeremy in last year’s Leadership contest. He won with an overwhelming majority. He retains my full support.  

Despite a desperate, and decidedly obvious, campaign of propaganda and disinformation being pumped out into the mainstream media on a daily basis by the PLP, Corbyn clearly has the support of most of the Membership, a sizeable chunk of PLP, 90% of CLP Chairs, a growing number of newly joined members, much of informed Social Media users, and the Country as a whole.

During Jeremy’s relatively short term in Office, Labour has begun to once more stand up for the poor, weak, and vulnerable. Prior to his Leadership, I, along with many others, had all but given up any hope in Labour following the illegal Iraq War, disastrous experiments with PFI, and 5 years of apeing Tory Austerity and UKIP Immigration polices. I am furious with Angela Eagle (and many others).

At the TUC LGBT Conference back in 2013, Angela Eagle addressed angry concerns from the floor. Angry Conference attendees asked her when Labour was going to finally stand up for the interests of the poor and the vulnerable; when it was going to challenge the Tory lies that Labour was responsible for the crash in 2008; that Labour had ‘spent all the money’ and bankrupted the country. Angela’s answer was ‘you have to trust us – we cannot fall into Tory traps’.

Labour subsequently went on to vote to support Tory Welfare Cuts, and Labour MPs went on record as ‘apologising for Labour ‘getting it wrong’ on Immigration, and Welfare, and the Economy: We didn’t…

I recall the unedifying spectacle of Labour MPs UNDERLINING the Tory Austerity narrative, and reinforcing Tory scapegoating of the unemployed, and the poor. The 2015 election was lost by Labour adopting UKIP and Tory dogwhistle anti immigration rhetoric. I, along with many others, was wholeheartedly sickened that Labour created anti immigration coffee mugs as merchandise for sale on their website.

I had arguments on twitter with Sunny Hundal who I understand was advising Labour that it was not possible to contest Tory lies without thereby reinforcing them. That single idiotic idea inspired those very same Labour MPs who were going out on National Television and Radio to ‘apologise’ for things we hadn’t actually done in order to somehow (God knows how) persuade people to trust Labour…??

This, in addition to several other, longstanding issues of incompetence in Scottish Labour, of course had the effect of completely destroying Labour’s base in Scotland, and we thereby lost our chance to regain power.

The recent coup was long documented in the Press before even taking place; it was planned to take place on several other occasions imagined to show Corbyn as ‘unelectable’ which then backfired as by-elections were WON by Labour Candidates with mostly increasing majorities, and Local Council elections were good for Labour despite negative briefings later on the BBC and in the Papers. The data however speaks for itself.

The PLP has been colluding with the Press and Mainstream Media to bash Corbyn at every available opportunity. The lies they’ve pumped out are unbecoming of anyone who purports to represent our Party. At their worst, they bring the Labour Party into disrepute, and surely constitute a disciplinary action.

The idea that Corbyn is ‘unelectable’ is laughable. Aside from anything else, this lie has been bandied about by those MPs who’s own preferred Leadership Candidates underwhelmingly LOST to Corbyn during the Leadership Contest.

The idea that the Membership doesn’t know anything about anything is disgraceful. The idea that MPs have apparently started calling those new supporters ‘£3ers’ is disgusting.

CLPs up and down the country have begun speaking out on the disgraceful way that PLP MPs have been treating Corbyn, and the appalling, undignified way they have been selling themselves to the right wing Press to do so.

I need not remind you that Brexit represents the single most catastrophic event in the UK’s history. The Social, Financial, Economic, Political, and HUMAN costs of this disastrous outcome will probably send us into a recession that we cannot spin our way out of.

The Tory Party has been on its knees, trillions of dollars wiped off the Global Economy, UK and EU Citizens are being attacked on our streets like some laterday 1930s Nazi Germany. The Country is in DESPERATE need, and instead of stepping up to fill that void, the PLP decides to launch an undemocratic, and long planned coup against the Labour Party’s overwhelmingly democratically mandated Leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

This sickens me.

Now is the time for the Labour Party to be standing UP for the weak, the poor, the vulnerable – not tearing itself apart for the sake of petty, careerist powertrips.

I reiterate – Jeremy Corbyn has my full, and continuing support.

I urge you to get behind our democratically elected Leader and urge fellow Labour MPs and the PLP to get down to the actual business of helping the Country find a solution to the TORY mess of Austerity, Poverty, Inequality, Xenophobia, and Brexit.