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#AngelaEagle Addressees An Unhappy Crowd At 2013 #TUCLGBT Conference – Angela Eagle Is A Farce 

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In 2013 I was a Delegate for the Musicians Union (MU) at the TUC LGBT Conference. Angela Eagle addressed us. An angry conference demanded to know why Labour MPs were not challenging Tory Lies and disinformation: ‘you have to trust us’, she said, ‘we can’t fall into Tory traps’.

Labour MPs then went on to support Tory Welfare Cuts and adopted #UKIP/Tory anti immigration messages in a desperate (badly advised) attempt at harnessing the UKIP vote. They sang along with the Tories ‘skivers versus strivers’ rhetoric and underlined the Austerity narrative.

Despite the fact the Tories LIED in saying ‘Labour were responsible for the 2008 Crash’, some Labour MPs APOLOGISED for it – others went to the Press to say ‘we got it wrong on immigration’ when we didn’t.
They then lost the 2015 GE and promptly claimed it was because they were ‘too Left wing’ and blamed a woefully hindered Miliband for doing what they told him to do.

The Parliamentary Labour Party is deluded; so busy running around like headless chickens repeating ‘we must win at all costs’ that they actually forget what they’re winning for…and what those costs might be…

Becoming an outsourced wing of the Tory Party is not a price worth paying.

Democracy is not ‘about winning’ – it’s about REPRESENTING the Country – it’s about standing up for what’s RIGHT – not THE Right – it’s about standing up FOR Rights – not the FAR Right. Democracy is about ENCOURAGING Activists, not spending all your Party’s resources on SQUASHING them.

Angela Eagle is a farce


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The fight for equality is always marked by the shining of light onto the darkness of ignorance and fear

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