The Ramblings of My Brain


The fight for equality is always marked by the shining of light onto the darkness of ignorance and fear

Stephe Meloy is singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, playing keyboards & guitar. He has been a member of the MU since 1992 and has a background as a freelance session programmer and multi-instrumentalist working on a wide range of released material. He was signed to Warner Brothers in 2002 as part of funky Urban outfit Nu-Future. He also freelances as a Graphic Designer.

Stephe has vast experience as a teacher and project manager. Most of his teaching work has been in the area of hard-to-reach client groups such as young school refusers, unemployed adults, dyslexic ex-offenders and ex drug offenders and young adults at risk of offending. Stephe has set up and managed bespoke training courses for a wide variety of organisations working with this client base. He has also worked as a Supply Music Teacher and a peripatetic Music Technology Tutor.

He was co-opted onto the MU Maestro Steering group (part of the MU’s early drive to train MU members for a mentoring role within the UK Employment Service’s New Deal For Musicians scheme). He later took part in the setting up of the MU’s Union Learning Rep Scheme, going on to take the MULR accreditation. He now sits on the MU Equality Committee and has been a delegate to the 2013 TUC LGBT Conference and the 2013 MU Delegates Conference. Earlier this year, Stephe was asked to speak on behalf of the MU at the TUC LGBT History Month Event at Congress House.

As an Activist within the Musicians Union, he has written a number of key motions, including submitting a successful London Region Motion to the 2013 MU Delegates Conference calling for the MU to instigate a system of Equalities Monitoring of membership, a successful Equality Committee Motion asking for the MU to proactively celebrate all the Equality History Months throughout the year and another successful motion calling on the MU to tighten up their Social Media policies.

Stephe is a passionate advocate for Human Rights, regularly campaigning thru such organisations as Amnesty, Avaaz and 38degrees and petitioning his MP on a wide variety of subjects. Ecology, LGBT Rights, Workers’ Rights, Gypsy & Traveller Rights, Disabled Rights, the fight for Racial Equality, Poverty, and Feminism are a few of the campaign areas that Stephe is proactively engaged in.

Stephe believes passionately in Equality of Opportunity and strives to reflect this in everything he does. Stephe is a Gay man and is part Romani and part Irish.


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